About Quinton Veal

Quinton Veal is a writer, poet and graphic artist. He’s the author of three books: Her Black Body I Treasure, United Souls: Stories and Poetry of Seduction, and The Collected Works of Quinton Veal. His art has been featured in Genesis Science Fiction Magazine and his poetry has been published in: Poetic Gumbo, and I want my Poetry to. . . anthologies. He also designed and created numerous covers including the covers of his own books, and Immortal II: Stealer of Souls, Immortal IV: Collision of Worlds, The Switch II: Clockwork, Grandmere’s Secret, and The Visitor (by Valjeanne Jeffers). He is writing his fourth book.


3 thoughts on “About Quinton Veal

    • God bless you in every way Crystal! I try to strive the best possible way I know and thank you. You’re a great poetess yourself with a mind of high caliber using your pen like a double edged sword.

      • Oh wow. I try to be a great poetess. I can’t wait to read more of your Literary works. You are so great with what you do one of my favorite poets. I love your work. I am a fan!!!!

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