Fantastic Books I’ve Edited: Week VIII: Breaking Free

Collision of Worlds


Happy Black Speculative Fiction Month Everyone! Tonight, I continue my blog series Fantastic Books… with a spotlight on SF Author Alicia McCalla, in which she discusses her grandfather as the inspiration behind her first dystopian novel, Breaking Free.

But first here is my own review of Breaking Free, which I had the distinct pleasure of editing:

“As Red Death jammed the IV needle into his arm, betrayal pierced his soul. Dr. Gary Leonard Kates, founder of the Revolution against CAGE, was tied to a chair. He thought about his three, little granddaughters as the lethal serum pulsed through his veins. He refused to tell Red Death the code. He’d take the secret to his death.” ~ Alicia McCalla, Breaking Free

Breaking Free, by Alicia McCalla is a YA science fiction novel that tells the story of XJ Patterson, a Black teenager. The story follows XJ as she battles “Cage,” a…

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