Collision of Worlds


On this glorious Monday I continue my blog series, “Fantastic Books I’ve Edited,” with the extraordinary Ced Pharaoh. Ced has a written a wonderful collection that falls into an unusual sub-genre: SF/horror poetry. Honestly, Ced has penned some of most frightening poetry I’ve ever read…except perhaps since Edgar Allen Poem. And like Poe, his poems are horrific stories that draw the reader in and make him or her wonder (and fear) what’s peeking around the corner. So without further adieu I present an interview with Author and Publisher, Ced Pharaoh…


Who’s Ced Pharaoh?
Born in Chicago, IL and married in front of thousands at The African Festival Of Arts. I’m a Father, Husband and a lifelong bookworm. My earliest favorites were, of course comic books/graphic novels but that branched out into mysteries (Encyclopedia Brown, Sherlock Holmes etc), thrillers, poetry, non-fiction biographies and sci-fi/fantasy! However, a book called The Legend of…

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