The Very Best of The Bonafide Literary Show…

The Bonafide Literary Show

So Far.

I have loved all the guests so far for the first season of TBLS. Here are some highlights:


Valjeanne Jeffers is a black woman doing the unknown as far as in the literary world: she writes science fiction with leading and supporting characters of all races. It was a great evening when she read to us from her book Mona Livelong: Paranromal Detective. It was so good, I had a nightmare that night. Listen in here:

Ex cop, turned criminal, turned pimp, turned preacher, turned single dad, Michael Gourdine laid it all out for us and had us glued to our seats so we wouldn’t miss a word. Then we went scrambling to buy his book, Black Church: Sex, Drugs, and The Holy Ghost. Listen here:


Stanley “Babyface” James III was our first poet on the show. He read to us from his chapbook (a short book…

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