Fantastic Books I’ve Edited Week III: N: Eternity Reclaimed

Collision of Worlds

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Today I continue my series of “Fantastic Books I’ve Edited” with a spotlight on Author DjaDja Medjay. DjaDja is the author of N:Eternity Reclaimed, (part of his Renpet series), which I had the immense pleasure of editing. Here’s my review of N:Eternity Reclaimed.

“’I hunger.’

A ravenous voice spoke out from an unknown place—with savage intent. Who and what was speaking? It was as if the air itself was alive with a flesh being’s consciousness..!

‘CHARGE at me!’ I shouted. ‘I want to know what fighting potential this world has!’

‘Yes, sister, I am coming…’” from N: Eternity Reclaimed, by DjaDja N-Medjay.

Author DjaDja N-Medjay deftly takes us on a journey with N a meta-human and time traveler. As N is snatched from one planet—one time to the next—as she fights to survive, she is forced to re-examine her life…

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