Her Black Body I Treasure…Censored!

The kindle of Her Black Body I Treasure has been censored by amazon! Too hot I guess. But it’s available as a nook ebook and in print at Eljay’s Used Books.

Bodies in Motion (excerpt)
The night gives new meaning for only you remain bringing your starving love I keep feeding you like a wild she-wolf snarling from intense love making added with pleasure and delicious pain

As your nails dig into my back from every intense thrust for it makes you weak from my loving gets you severely beat as you come down from your high all the while I’m passionately playing…Her Black Body I Treasure: a collection of erotic art and poetry

Preview Her Black Body on itunes
Check out my site for more previews or purchase here

You can also purchase Her Black Body in print at Eljay’s Used Books Pittsbugh, PA

Or pick up your ebook at Barnes and Noble nook

HER BLACK BODY I TREASURE Copyright Quinton Veal 2012 all rights reserved


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