United Souls: Stories and Poetry of Seduction/Quinton Veal

Twilight Time
(an erotic tale)

He said: “Baby you know what I like, and I love showing you time after time. Let me give you my lips—anywhere I want to put them on you. . . so romantic and very intimate.”

She said: “Daddy, I love doing what’s right to you—giving you all of me—being freaky and naughty to make you happy…”

Unexpectedly, she lifted up her miniskirt: showing her thick, smooth thighs and fire-engine red panties and boots. She walked slowly over to him, and put her arms around his neck.

She said: “Baby, I like you kissing my body and thighs and eating my (censored). . . thinking about it making my knees buckle.”

He said: I get weak from you pleasing me—how it feels when I catch you walking by me or standing still. The pleasure it brings to make you lay down with each kiss! I love tasting your (censored)—with you leaving sugar all over my lips, and making you wet. . . loving to feel my tongue touch you.

She kissed him softly and said: “I love you sucking my (censored), baby and eating my delicious (censored) in creative ways! I like seeing you doing it. . .

He said: Giving you my hard (censored), when you’re in bed on your hands and knees at the edge. . . Seeing your sexy beautiful sweet (censored) sticking out— (censored) you from behind, while I’m stroking you standing up. . . giving you all of me. . .

She was wet now. She pushed her (censored) up against the hard (censored) in his pants. He rubbed one hands over her (censored) and cupped her (censored) with the other…

Copyright Quinton Veal 2012
Contact me for purchase herealso available at amazon
and barnes & noble.


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