Gemini: Sign of Love and Duality

Gemini is the Third Sign of the Zodiac, associated with storytellers, communicators and youth. This Sign is symbolized by Twins who are, in and of themselves, their own representatives since no particular animal appears to be associated to this Sign of the Zodiac, with the possible exception of the wolf and its connection to the nurturing of Romulus and Remus, mythologic founders of Rome. In Egypt, Gemini was once known as the “Two Stars,” named for Castor and Pollux which are the two brightest celestial bodies within the constellation. These stars have also been formerly referred to as “Hercules and Apollo,” and “Triptolemus and Iasion.”

The Egyptians were inclined to illustrate Gemini by using the images of two baby goats as opposed to the human figures which are commonly used in modern times. Dominated by the planet Mercury, the planet of speed, Gemini individuals have a joy of expression, a quick mind and a certain sparkle which will always help them toward their goals in life. Gemini subjects are the Zodiac’s lovers of language…the poets, the bards and the wordsmiths and verbal magicians.

Those born under the Sign of Here, the inherent intellectual gifts often bring great success with no true effort, but Gemini natives are usually hard put to sustain it. Thus, these individuals should strive to learn perseverence and cultivate depth. They need to aspire to substance as well as style, attempting to take themselves…and their words…more seriously.


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